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Tongue Piercing Aftercare
Stuffing Your Face - Obviously the biggest problem with a tongue piercing is eating. There’s all sorts of stories out there about people living on soup through a straw and other ingenious ways of keeping food away from the wound. The general rule is to stay on soft foods such as mash or soups and avoid all the things you would have to chew. Baby food it is then. Lol They only have to put up with that for a week so not so bad.

Gaspers - The bad news is if you smoke. If you are a owned victim of the dreaded rich tobacco man then you’ll have to cut the money you gift him for a week. Yes, sorry but you can’t smoke for the first week. Neither can you do other germ spreading things like kissing and other sexual activities. Finally there’s no boozing either. So after getting your tongue pierced you have to live like a nun on soup rations for a week.
Some Like It Hot - An important note about eating and that is “heating”. Normally your tongue can take higher temperatures. However if it is pierced then it cannot. Why? Because you’ve now got a metal bar running through the middle of it. What do we know about metal? Yes it conducts heat very well. So now if you put something hot in your mouth then it will shoot that heat right through your tongue and burn it. Be Warned!
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Some say they get a yellow coat on their tongue after the first few days. This could well be because of the use of mouthwash. What you don’t want though is yellow stuff coming out of your piercing. This may well be a sign of infection, in which case get your GP to take a look at it so he can give you a prescription for antibiotics. The infection can also be accompanied by swelling. Before you go rushing out to see your doctor, it is normal to have a bit of whitish discharge. You have to remember that your saliva will stop a scab from forming so dead blood cells may well appear like this.
Saliva isn’t a bad thing though, in fact it will help the healing process. You do not need hydrogen peroxide, it is not good for the healing process inside the mouth.

When brushing your teeth use a mild toothpaste and a soft brush. Do it gently watching you don’t catch your piercing. Use a mouthwash but know it if it contains alcohol it might sting a bit in the first few days.
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