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Best Tattoo Lettering Photos on the Web

You have a good idea of what you want written on your skin, but the choice of how it should look must be your choice rather than someone else’s.

Letter tattoo's have to be the single most popular of all tattoo's. Be it a name of a loved one or a poetic verse, the choice of style can make it look stunning or absolutely awful.

Take it with you - you don't have to have the designs given by the tattooist. You can put your own letterring together and take that along. That way you get a unique design that is personal to you and know one else.
The most popular lettering is the Old English design. There are lots out there, you just need to make a good choice.

Here's a good selection of Old English lettering all ready done for you. You can select the ones you like and even mix and match. This collection of lettering designs is available here.
Another popular design is Celtic lettering. Again there is a lot of designs available, so there’s quite a lot to look through before making that vital decision.

Celtic lettering is also more popular than you would first think. You'd be suprised how many people get Celtic design tattoos without realising that's what it is. They just liked the lettering and went with it.

This Celtic lettering collection design book is available here.

Get hold of some lettering books and look through them all. That’s got to be better than walking in off the street and ending up with something that looked good at the time. Get the books, photocopy the best ones then cut them out and have a try of how they will look. Then you can whittle them down to the best of all your likes. Just don’t do it when you are pissed!!!
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Best Tattoo Photos on the web
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