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Tattoo Designs – Tattoo design  books including Essential Lettering, Stars, Dragon Designs, Tribal Designs, Chinese Names for Boys and Girls, ever popular Snake Designs. Also a selection of designs of the rich and famous. Before you even reach for the ink, this is a must see collection. 
Temporary Tattoo's – You don't need to commit to a permanent tattoo these days. You can go for quality temporary tats that look great but won't last forever. You will find a nice selection here ready for that night out. You never know, you might like them so much you'll end up getting the design inked!.
Lingerie – Here you will find a massive selection of lingerie. And it is lingerie that you will like. Lets not mess about, the shops just do not stock the lingerie we all want. The answer to that is here. If it's frumpy flanlet stuff then this is not the place. If it's looking sexy and great, then you've found the right place.
Belly Button Piercings – Stuff for the belly button piercing. A nice selection of piercings including bars, pendants and other bing for the midrif.
Ear Piercings – Just a massive collection of the most popular items for the ear. Whether you want to stretch your ear piercing or simply fake it with cheaters, you will find it here. If you've already stretched then you will find a massive selection of tunnels and plenty of others to fit
If you are not in to all that there's a massice collection of ear wear including scaffolds, cuffs, chains, rings, pendants, tragus and even magnetic ones if you don't want to pierce your ear.
Mouth & Facial Piercings – Stainless Steel bars and all sorts for your mouth and face. Very popular selection.
Nose Piercings – You'll be amazed at the amount of different piercings you can get in your nose. If you can't find it then you've not looked here. You name it and it is here in all sizes. There's even fake nose rings that are spring loaded to make it look like you've got your nose pierced, which are perfect for trying out a nose piercing before getting the needle.
Body Piercings – Have you seen surface piercings? They basically go underneath your skin. They are becoming very popular in the back of the neck and on the wrist. Here you will find a selection of bars that can be worn under the skin appearing as two solid balls a shart distance appart.
Jewellery – You don't need to spend a fortune on the High Street for jewellery that's, lets be honest, well out of date. If you want jewellary that's infashion now and you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for it then here's the place.
Watches – You don't need to spend a fortune on fashion watches. Take a look at this selection. Yes those are the real prices too.
Accessories – You need to check this lot out to know what is meant by "accessories". Chains to fit on belts that is a stylish way of keeping your keys safe. Other chains for other uses!. Like said, check it out.
Other – Well there's always got to be a section to put all the stuff that doesn't fit in above. Don't ask what goes in here, just take a look, you'll understand!..
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