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Stepping things up a bit, here's a collection you definately will not find in your supermarket. You find in most shops that it seems the less material used the more they charge. Even though the golden rule is "less is more", that isn't true here when it comes to price. You can get the sexiest lingerie out there for prices that are not going to shock you.
 Although these are designed more for bedroom fun, they don't have to stop there, can you imagine putting this on underneath the clothes you wear day to day? Only you would know you were wearing a body stocking!!!

For the guys out there wouldn't you just love to see your wife or girlfriend in sexy lingerie like this?

Back in the bedroom though some of these come with play material handcuffs or play masks. Some come with g strings, others with crotchless knickers, and others are not meant to have any underware at all. Our collections change all the time so please check back now and again.

The raunchy lingerie featured on this page can be found simply by clicking on the image. Enjoy!
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