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Nose Piercing - Aftercare

Where To Go -For any piercing that goes through cartilage you are better off going to an experienced professional piercing/tattoo studio because these types of piercings are far more complex than the simple ear lobe type piercing. No offence to the High Street “school girl with a gun” who’s been on a training course, but professional studios specialise in this and so if you do have issues then they’ll be better placed to answer when you return.

Cleaning - When you get your nose pierced, for two months use a spray like Savlon Wound Wash. Spray on to a cotton bud and gently wipe around the outside of the nose stud. Do this in the morning and at night for the first 3 days. Dab it dry with a tissue because towels can hold bacteria which you’ll want to keep away from a fresh piercing.
Timing - After 3 days just clean it once a day, you can gently rotate the piercing slightly when cleaning after this three day period, but don’t over do it. After about a month reduce the cleaning down to 2 or three times a week.

If you had the piercing done on the High Street in a jewellery shop then they almost probably used a gun. The problem here is the gun can over damage the cartilage and possibly shatter it. In which case the healing time is going to be longer as a result.

The other method now being used is where they’ll use a needle after applying an anaesthetic. The healing time is reduced this way. This is why going to a studio is better IMO.
Healing Time - The healing time is around 4 months. This can be longer though with the usual issues of catching the stud in your sleep or sneezing.

Healing for younger people (teenagers) tends to be longer mainly because they keep playing with it. The advice is simple, if you want it to heal then just leave it alone. Cartilage piercings are the most difficult.

If you are experiencing problems with your piercing then return to the studio where you had it done for them to take a look at it.
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Stretching as a body mod can be the most extreme form of self expression. What starts off as a nose piercing can be stretched in to large tunnels.
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