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Labret Piercing - Aftercare

When To Labret - These mouth piercings take around 2-4 months to heal and you should leave the first bar in for 3 months before you go for the more popular smaller labret. If you want a ring in then you will need to wait a bit longer than that. You are looking at around 5 months, give or take, before getting a ring. Doing so before that could run the risk of splitting your lip.

Handle With Care - There is no need to play with the bar that’s in, apart from checking to see if the ball is loose. Do remember though that it’s a body piercing and not the wing nuts off the space shuttle. There’s tight and there’s over tightening it. Do this will just result in either breaking it, damaging your lip, or getting it so tight that you’ll need a fireman to get it undo it.
Swelling - It is normal for this piercing to swell up. You can ease this with ice. To allow for this swelling the studio should put in a longer bar than you need. Then after a week or so when it’s calmed down they should replace it with a shorter one more suited to you. Ask them about this before committing to that studio.

Cleaning - To wash the inside gargle salt water. For the outside gently wipe around the ball with a cotton bud with Savlon on it. It is normal for the piercing to be red and sore but again if you are in doubt go back to the studio for them to take a look.
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