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Ear Piercing - Stretchers

Types of Stretcher - There are three main types of ear expander (or stretcher) - plugs, tunnels and tapers. All types usually come in sets where they start thin and gradually get thicker.
In the sets featured above they go up to 20mm thick. These sets are available, just click on one of them to find out more.

The ever popular Superman stretchers and Batman stretchers featured here are availbable, just click on them to go to the buy page where you will also find a collection of lots of other ear stretcher plugs - check out the Darth Vader ones currently in stock!

How to Stretch

A standard piercing is around the 1mm mark and that’s the starting point before you start stretching. If you recently had the piercing then you should wait a few months so that it has healed before starting stretching.

Buy a taper set. The reason being is you can insert the thin end first before getting to the fattest end. A lubricant will also be of good use. Try using water based ones such as Jojoba or Emu oil.

When you insert your first stretcher, rub some oil in to the ear lobe first. Don’t over do it. If it hurts then you are probably stretching too much.

Be patient. It can take around 4-8 weeks between stretches. If it hurts or if you get blood then you are over doing it. Wait for it to heal again before trying again. Ripping the lobe will give you only regret. Take your time and do it right.
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