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Belly Button Piercing - Aftercare

Leave It Alone - The biggest risk to your new belly button piercing is not leaving it alone. This is either through playing with it or catching it on clothing or bedding.

At Night - So the golden rules here is leave it alone and avoid any clothing that can come close to it. At night try covering it with one of those big lint free pads that hospitals use. Tape around the edges and that should protect it from catching in the night. Remove it first thing in the morning and clean the piercing.

Savlon - The treatment or cleaning of belly button piercings seems to change more than the styles of belly bars these days. The one that has always worked just fine is the Savlon wash. I don’t know why people feel the need to change this method. Just wipe it with Savlon on a cotton bud morning and night.

Timing - In the early days you might want to add quarter of a cup of sea salt to your bath. Do not use table salt, go out and buy sea salt for this.
Wait about 4-6 months before removing the piercing. It might look okay on the outside but on the inside it may well have lots more healing to do.
Patience - It is normal for it to weep a bit and in the early days get a bit of blood. It can swell and you might have a bruise. The area can be tender, itchy and sting a bit. You may well get a crust at the top and bottom, again this is normal. Be patient with your piercing and most of all leave it alone. Most failings are because they wouldn’t leave it alone and kept playing with it.

If you have any doubts just go back to the studio, which did the piercing, for them to tell you if it’s okay.
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