WWII Photos

These are a collection of actual photos from World War 2. They are historical and capture a mix from all sides of the conflict. This site in no way endorses any one side. Some details are given alongside the photos but this site cannot guarantee they are accurate.

Propaganda photo out of the ‘Signal’ magazine, it was taken on the Russian front, Ukraine, summer ’41, during opening stages of Invasion.
The NCO is Walter Pape. He is wearing his newly awarded Knight’s Cross (extreme bravery and leadership). He’s also wearing the Iron Cross 1st class (bravery in combat), Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon and the silver Infantry Assault clasp (at least 3 frontal assaults on 3 different occasions.). Both badges on his left breast pocket. He’s wearing the old-type Heer uniform with the dark blue-green collar, being gradully faded out of service in ’41-’42. Troopers at front left and back right already wearing the new type of jacket with colar in same fabric and color as tunic. Their aluminum belt buckles read “Gott mit uns” (may the lord be with us) around a stylized eagle, wings down. Note also the black (right soldier in back) and brown (left soldier in back) leather map cases. Scarcely visible is the infantry assault clasp.
LVF, French volunteers in the Waffen-SS.


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