WWII Photos

These are a collection of actual photos from World War 2. They are historical and capture a mix from all sides of the conflict. This site in no way endorses any one side. Some details are given alongside the photos but this site cannot guarantee they are accurate.



Propaganda photo out of the ‘Signal’ magazine, it was taken on the Russian front, Ukraine, summer ’41, during opening stages of Invasion.
The NCO is Walter Pape. He is wearing his newly awarded Knight’s Cross (extreme bravery and leadership). He’s also wearing the Iron Cross 1st class (bravery in combat), Iron Cross 2nd class ribbon and the silver Infantry Assault clasp (at least 3 frontal assaults on 3 different occasions.). Both badges on his left breast pocket. He’s wearing the old-type Heer uniform with the dark blue-green collar, being gradully faded out of service in ’41-’42. Troopers at front left and back right already wearing the new type of jacket with colar in same fabric and color as tunic. Their aluminum belt buckles read “Gott mit uns” (may the lord be with us) around a stylized eagle, wings down. Note also the black (right soldier in back) and brown (left soldier in back) leather map cases. Scarcely visible is the infantry assault clasp.
LVF, French volunteers in the Waffen-SS.
A heavily camouflaged M10 in Italy, 1944
The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Winston Churchill, MP, with men of the 50th Division who took part in the D-Day landings. Behind the Prime Minister is General Sir Bernard Montgomery.
Wehrmacht troops enjoy a day out at the race track placing their bets and watching the horse race. France, date unknown.
This photo was taken on 10 June 1942 and shows high ranking officers of Germany and Finland navigating lake Ladoga in Finland using Siebelfähre (Transports / Ferry Siebel) belongs to Einsatzstab Fähre Ost (EFO), a unit of the Luftwaffe that operated around the area MTB Ladoga lake along with Italy (12 Squadriglia MAS) and the German mine ships from the C-Gruppe / 31.Minensuch-Flottilla. From left to right: Oberstleutnant der Reserve Friedrich-Wilhelm Siebel (Kommandeur Einsatzstab Fähre Ost); Colonel Iisakki Finland Eino Järvinen (Brigade Commander shores of Lake Ladoga), and two unidentified Luftwaffe officers (the officer on the right is part of Flak unit judging from his red waffenfarbe).
Lieutenant Edward H. Butch O’Hare, USN Stands beside an F4F Wildcat, circa April-May 1942.

Lieutenant Commander Edward Henry “Butch” O’Hare (March 13, 1914 – November 26, 1943) was an American naval aviator of the United States Navy, who on February 20, 1942, became the Navy’s first flying ace when he single-handedly attacked a formation of nine heavy bombers approaching his aircraft carrier. Even though he had a limited amount of ammunition, he managed to shoot down or damage several enemy bombers. On April 21, 1942, he became the first naval recipient of the Medal of Honor in World War II.

M24 Chaffee light tank from F Company, 81st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Vergato, April 1945.
Infantry Feldwebel Heinrich Schultz, recipient of the General Assault Badge, EKII (worn as ribbon) EKI, German Cross & Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.
SBD Dauntless Dive Bombers. I believe these are in a North Atlantic camouflage scheme.

Update: yes, this is the Atlantic ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) scheme.

FLAMETHROWERS IN ACTION, AUGUST 1944. A Churchill tank fitted with a Crocodile flamethrower in action. This flamethrower could produce a jet of flame exceeding 150 yards in length.
Admiral Karl Donitz


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