Nikon announce joint development agreement with Unistellar

Unistellar, established in 2015 develop and manufacture astronomical telescopes have teamed up with Nikon to provide innovative solutions in the astronomical observation field for consumers. Unistellar handles telescopes for the consumer digital astronomical telescope field.

Unistellar’s telescopes can pinpoint the users global position using GPS enabling the easy targeting of celestial bodies. It uses technology that can compare the view with data stored in a built in database. Smart phone apps then allow the user to be able to go to night sky locations without specialized knowledge of astronomy. What’s also very clever about Unistellar’s app is it connects the user to astronomers around the world allowing the ability to share data.

Astronomy is not new to Nikon. They first released a telescope in 1920, although they don’t currently sell astronomical telescopes, Nikon do have a presence in that field by producing excellent quality binoculars and astronomical eyepieces that are very popular with the astronomer. They’ve also produced large-scale equipment installed at observatories, to optical systems equipped on satellites.

Nikon says “This agreement and the products that will stem from it are aimed at contributing to the advancement of science through delivering the excitement of astronomical observation and enhancing interest in the universe by combining the technologies and know-how of both companies.” Nikon is taking advantage of its extensive range of optical technologies and knowledge together with Unistellar, which is generating remarkable growth.

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