Video Bloggers Get Latest ZV Family Camera From Sony

The ZV-E10 is the latest interchangeable lens APS-C camera from tech giant Sony. The mirrorless camera boasts a larger sensor and the ability to swap lenses.

Easy to Use

It houses an impressive 24.2-megapixel sensor with an overall design based on ease of use. There’s no need for an external microphone due to the built in 3-way multi-directional microphone. This new model though does lack sensor-shift image stabilization, which has been replaced by digital stabilization.

Wide Lens Choice

There’s no shortage of lenses available though due to it being able to take any of Sonys’ E-mount lens of which there’s around 60 to choose from.

4k Video

In video mode it gives up to 4k 30p and a slow-motion option that needs to be checked out.


One of the big selling points for the ZV-E10 is ability to blur out the background to give total focus on the subject. There’s no need for complicated manual adjustments – just press a single button to turn background blurring (bokeh) on and off. Select “Defocus” for a professional-looking blurred background to draw attention to the main subject, or “Clear” to show the entire scene in sharp focus.

Near to Far

From macro lenses that gives close up details to longer lenses to capture far off subject, the options are pretty good.

Face Detection

Real-time Eye AF, face detection, and touch tracking while recording video. On the stills side, there’s subject recognition for humans and animals. It can also be hooked up to a PC or smartphone to act as a live webcam.


The Sony ZV-E10 is available in either black or white and be priced normally at £699 with a 24-70mm zoom lens. However, some offers have been spotted where there’s £100 back from Sony which sweetens that deal down to £599.

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