The Photographer’s Ephemeris®

The premier app offers a rich set of planning tools for landscape, cityscape, outdoor, architectural and night photography.

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TPE helps you plan outdoor photography in natural light. See how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps you plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth.

Planning is everything in photography and if you are taking your camera out doors then it would be great to know how the light will be in a particular place at a particular time. Well The Photographer’s Ephemeris® (TPE) gives you that. This application can downloaded to your phone or laptop. It gives you everything you need to get outside and start shooting. Here’s a closer look at the application and where you can get it from…

Night mode, Augmented Reality, line-of-sight analysis and visual search support the most sophisticated photo planning needs.

GooglePlay for Android

Apple App Store

TPE is a universal app with optimized user interfaces for both iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch devices.

Augmented Reality

Use TPE’s AR page, built on Apple’s AR Kit for a “through-the-lens” simulation of sun, moon, milky way and stars directly on your device.

AR is ideal for checking alignment while in the field. Paths show you where the sun or moon will be at any time past or future.

Calibration and adjustment are quick and easy. Haptic feedback (vibration) and horizon and twilight altitude lines let you know when the sun or moon is rising or setting.

Night Mode

Night mode features a 3D representation of the Milky Way, pole stars and major constellations directly over the map, so you can easily visualize how to align your shot.

The night mode overlay is a true 3D graphic representation of key elements that matter to wide-angle night sky photographers. When you rotate or tilt the map, the night mode overlay moves too, giving a unique perspective for shot planning.

Tap a star to see its common name, Bayer name, azimuth and altitude. Relative magnitude and colour (BV-index) determine the star’s appearance.


Research and save your own list of favourite photographic locations, using seven different map types, including two offline maps, and save them in your locations list.

You can choose between using Apple or Google Maps depending on your preference and local coverage quality.

Show your favourite locations right on the map and navigate to them with a single tap.

Sightlines and Visual Search

The Geodetics feature lets you check the sightline between camera and subject, showing where the sun or moon will lie relative to a mountain summit or ridge line.

You can determine when the sun or moon will rise from behind nearby hills and mountains.

Visual search can tell you in one tap the exact dates and times when sun or moon will align with your subject.

Key features

Time/direction of sun, moon, and galactic centre rise/set

View azimuth and altitude of sun/moon and the galactic centre for any time of day/night

Milky Way, stars and asterisms visualization via 3D map overlay

Moon phase and % illumination

Civil, nautical and astronomical twilight

2 topographic maps

2 offline map types

Movable map pins: drag and drop the pin exactly where you need it

Map autorotation using the compass (on compatible devices)

Shadow lengths displayed to scale on map

Save any location you want: no fixed lists

Celestial events including moon phases, apogee, perigee, solstice, equinox

Network connection not required for rise/set time, azimuths and sun/moon position

Advanced features

 Augmented reality view for on location scouting

 Saved location synchronization between devices and the free TPE web app

 Automatic time zone detection

 Elevation above sea level

 Distance, bearing and elevation angle between any two points

 Location import/export from KML

 Magnetic north option

 Configurable timeline display

 Sun/moon transit times

 ‘Golden hour’ time/duration

 Light pollution overlay

Geek features

Line of sight analysis

Find when the sun/moon will appear from behind a hill or ridge

Advanced visual sun and moon search

Azimuth or altitude search priority

New crescent moon visibility

Distance to the visible horizon

Map types

Apple Standard, Satellite/Hybrid

Google Standard, Satellite/Hybrid, Terrain

OpenCycleMap Topographic


Sunrise/sunset color forecasts are available with a subscription to the Skyfire service, available via in-app purchase.


Maps and elevation-based calculations require a data connection, except for offline map tiles previously downloaded and stored on your device

Topographic map data is available only between 60°N and 47°S

Availability of map types is subject to change, due to 3rd party map service availability, terms or conditions

The app itself supports only English language at present

Augmented reality requires an iPhone 6s (or later), iPad Pro or 2017 model and iOS 11 or later

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