Battery Photo case for iPhone X and XS launched by Moment

The new iPhone XS and X model will have a new Battery Photo Case available by the time they are released – smartphone accessory lens maker Moment has announced.


Aimed at iPhone photographers, it comes with a range of features such as a two-stage shutter button that locks focus on half-press.

The case was first announced earlier this year as a Kickstarter campaign.

The Moment lens range comprising of telephoto, wide, super fish and macro lenses, as well as a soon-to-be-released Anamorphic lens are all compatible with the new case.

With a late November release it’s expected to be attractive to the Christmas shopper looking to stocking fill accessories for the iPhone gift.


It’s expected to cost around the £100 mark, give or take when it becomes available in November 2018.


It gives a bit of extra battery power, which is always a welcome addition.


The battery is compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard and offers a 3,100mAh capacity for charging your device on the go.




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